Our Dental Office Referral Cards Are Guaranteed To Deliver New Patients!

Is your dental office referral cards program delivering  35 to 50 new referred dental patients per month? Maximize your referral program with plastic (PVC) dental office referral cards. Exact shape and thickness as standard credit cards our custom designed to your dental practice, our 30 mil plastic referral cards, gift cards, gift boxes and reactivation cards are proven to drive new patients. How sure are we? We Guarantee It!

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Special Offer! 500 30 mil Plastic Gift or Referral Cards Only $185.00!

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Why Plastic Referral Cards?

Over 90% of the generic paper referral cards you’re handing out wind up in a garbage can! Plastic cards last forever and people love plastic loyalty, referral and gift cards! Get your cards in the wallets and purses of patients and boost new patient acquisitions through referring patients by 65% by changing to plastic referral cards!

Why Custom Designed Gift & Referral Cards?

Creating brand recognition across all marketing channels is imperative for a practice’s success. Matching your cards to your website, print, TV and virtual media campaigns delivers measurable results! Your custom design includes name, logo, color scheme and tag line. Impress prospective patients and existing patients alike.  Need Samples? Tap Or Click Here

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Dental Office Referral Cards That Deliver

Our custom designed dental office referral cards are guaranteed to increase your referrals from existing patients. How sure are we? If you deliver 500 cards through existing patients and don’t see a return on your $185.00 investment… We will refund your money! Your referral & gift cards will be custom designed to your practice. We will even use a photo of your team, office, building or an eye catching image that will certainly pique the interest of potential patients to contact your dental office. Read More…

6″ X 4″ Folded Thank You Cards

Dental Referral Thank You Card Sample Gallery

dental referral program cards

Saying Thank You Goes A Long Way!

Dental Referral Thank You Cards will keep the referrals coming! Let referring patients know how grateful you are by sending a custom designed thank you card. Informing the referring patient there is now an extra $75.00 in their account for the referral or including a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card will triple to quadruple your patient referrals! These 6″ X 8″ 16pt thank you cards will also be custom designed to your practice matching the look of your gift cards & referral cards. Keep everything looking the same is great for brand recognition. BTW- These cards when folded measure 4 X 6 and can be mailed as post cards for $0.33 via USPS.

6″ X 4″ Folded Reactivation Cards

Reactivation Card Sample Gallery

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Reactivate Dental Hygiene Patients

Custom designed dental reactivation postcards. A vital factor in maintaining a highly profitable dental practice is keeping your hygiene department booked solid. Reactivation postcards will drive missing patients back into preventive and restorative treatments while the detachable postcard will determine a patients active or inactive status. Read More…

Non-committal Treatment Specific Cards

Have patients who haven’t committed to high dollar treatments? A great way to entice them to enrollment is to send treatment specific postcards with an incredible offer! We suggest these cards for Implants, Crowns, Veneers, Denture Stabilization & Orthodontic Treatments. Read More…

3″ X 9″ x 3/4″ Dental Gift Boxes

Dental Office Referral Cards

dental referral program cards

Custom Designed Dental Gift Boxes

Send Existing Patients Back To Work With Gifts For Their Co-Workers! This Gift & The Referral Will Produce New Dental Patients! Custom designed to your practice. These gift boxes can also be mailed for the incredible price of $0.39 per box! Yes I know it’s cheaper than mailing a letter! Forget bulk postcard mailings! Mail your neighbors a gift and watch new patient acquisitions skyrocket!

Our Commitment

Celebrating 17 years putting patients in the seats of dentists in the United States and Canada. We have spent years developing a simple internal marketing strategy  for dentists that works. Furthermore, this low cost strategy crushes the national new patient acquisition cost by over Sixty Percent!

The Problem 

In this digital age, prospective dental patients are bombarded daily with emails, texts, digital media and audio advertisements that either go unnoticed or forgotten about in seconds! How do we know this? We’ve met dentists who were spending thousands of dollars per month on advertising with no return on investment. These same doctors are now seeing 25 to 50 new dental patients monthly enrolling in treatment at a fraction of the cost.

The Solution

Since the greatest source of new patient acquisition is undeniably a referral from an existing dental patient. Our proven low cost strategy optimizes your internal referral program so that your dental practice will stand out far above any competitor. Almost all dental practices are seeing 6 to 8.5% response rates on care to share gift card disbursements.

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You are a call or click away from seeing hundreds of new patients enrolling in treatment at your dental practice! Please contact a team member at 1-877- 269-4362 to get started today!

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