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Certainly all dental practices best source of new patients is referrals from existing patients. Above all referral cards with incentives for the new patients and referring patent encourages them to refer their friends and family to enroll in treatment at your office. Even though“everyone knows” they should be asking patients for referrals, it is rarely done on a consistent basis at most dental practices.

Referral cards

Foremost, referral cards should be printed on plastic to resemble gift cards. Why? They perform 70 to 80% better than paper dental referral cards. Furthermore, Gift cards are a 139 billion dollar a year industry and people love getting them as much as handing them to friends and loved ones. Most of the standard card sock paper referral cards wind up in the trash the day you hand them to a patient.

• Have at least 1,000 referral cards that offer new patients $50 – $100 off dental treatment, a reduced or complimentary exam and/or cleaning.

• Explains to patients at check out how the program works. Make it unique and personalized by having the staff member with the greatest rapport explain the referral program to the patient.

• Optional: Send a letter to your entire patient base with two referral cards to jump-start the program.

Keeping Your Referral Card Program On Track

I’ve been asked so many times “Why are my new patient numbers down?”  Almost every time the answer is related to the lack of consistency in referral card disbursement.

  • The key is accountability – assign your referral card program to a member of your practice.
  • Keep a weekly log of how many cards are handed out to track the effectiveness of the program.
  • Include a couple of referral cards in letters that go out with statements.
  • Above all sending a referral thank you card let’s patients know how grateful you are . Inform the referring patient there is now an extra $75.00 in their account for services at your office or include a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card. Consequently doubling or tripling your patient referrals.

Reactivate Dental Hygiene Patients With Gift Cards

dental referral cards

Almost every highly profitable dental practice relies on keeping their hygiene department booked solid. Most noteworthy, reactivation postcards that include a $75 gift card will drive missing 6+ month patients back into treatment. While utilizing a detachable return section will determine a patient’s active or inactive status. Therefore, return to sender or returned card will save time and resources at your practice.

Non-committal Gift Cards & Treatment Specific Postcards

Have patients not committing to treatment a first visit? Within 10 days send a $100 Gift Card redeemable for recommended treatment in welcome letter. as a result non-committal patients are less likely to price shop. Consequently, leading them to treatment by building a rapport showing your commitment & concern to their optimal oral health.

Another great way to entice them to enrollment is to send treatment specific postcards with an incredible offer! We suggest these cards for Implants, Crowns, Veneers, Denture Stabilization & Orthodontic Treatments.

If you are reading this blog post you’re are probably looking to increase new patients at your dental practice. With 17 years of experience increasing new patient acquisitions we can certainly help you. If you have any questions or comments please contact me at 877-269-4362.