500pc Dental Gift Box Combo Pack

$775.00 $698.00

Includes Dental Gift Box, Laminated Gift Card and Disclosing Tablet Instruction Card. Custom Designed Gift Boxes & Cards Include Your Practice Name, Logo, Tag Line & Color Scheme!


Custom Designed Dental Gift Boxes

Prong 2 of this proven strategy is a low cost custom designed branded dental gift box, laminated gift card and disclosing tablet instruction card combo pack. Your custom dental gift boxes are given to existing dental patients who meet a predetermined criterion to give as gifts from your practice to their co-workers, colleagues and friends. Furthermore, delivering a physically tangible marketing asset to a prospective new patient will set you uniquely apart from your competitors advertising in the realm of virtual obscurity. We have spent 3 years developing the methodology for dental gift box delivery. Therefore, maximizing the return on your marketing investment.

Dental Gift Box Methodology

Foremost, gift box recipients will receive a great recommendation from the existing patients delivering them. The personal recommendation in and of itself is priceless to any dentist! Your custom gift boxes include four unique “Calls To Action” that will have new patients enrolling in dental treatment before you know it.

The First “Call To Action”

Dental Gift Box Call To Action
Sample Gift Box

Starting on the outside of your dental gift boxes we ask prospective patients the question “Are Your Teeth Really Clean?™” Under an image of two disclosing tablets we move them closer to treatment by printing “Find Out By Taking The Enclosed Tablet Test!” Using a large graphic and text on this panel insures a prospective new patient will see the call to action. This strategy entices prospects to open their dental gift box and take the test. This panel can be used for special promotions your practice is offering. ie: “Dental Implants as low as $87.00 per month.” See Care Credit Payment Calculator(More Information on remaining box panels below).

The Second “Call To Action”

Dental Gift Boxes Disclosing Tab Cards
Sample Card

In addition, inside the box prospective dental patients will find a disclosing tablet instruction card and two disclosing tablets. Why two disclosing tablets? Because focus groups showed that a person is three times more likely to take the disclosing tablet test if someone else joins them. The good news for you is you will get two new dental patients for the price of one. When administered, 80% of persons taking the test find noticeable tartar around their gum line. Consequently, driving them to treatment plan enrollment at your dental practice.

The Third “Call To Action”

Laminate Plastic Dental Gift Card
Sample Gift Card

Another call to action is a 24pt custom designed $75.00 laminated gift card that is redeemable for recommended dental treatment only. Our continuing research of this marketing strategy has found persons we call “Floaters”. Not needing any restorative and not interested in cosmetic dentistry these people float from practice to practice getting the best deal they can on a dental cleaning and rarely return to the same practice twice. Hence, we strongly suggest gift cards not be redeemable for cleanings.

The Fourth “Call To Action”

The fourth call to action motivates existing patients to deliver gift boxes to people who can really use your services. For every patient referred by a gift box the patient of record that delivered it will receive a gratuitous $75.00 in their dental account to use toward ongoing or future treatments. 

Combo Pack Includes:

  • Dental Gift Boxes Custom Designed 500pc 2″ X 2″ X 9″ 4|0 Color CS 20pt UV Coated
  • Laminated $75.00 Care To Share Custom Designed Gift Cards 500pc 2″ X 3.5″ 23pt
  • Disclosing Tablet Custom Designed Instruction Cards 500pc 2″ X 3.5″ 4|4 Color 18pt UV Gloss
  • Gift Box Delivery Methodology Instructions (Follow the instructions to maximize return on investment)
  • Note: Gift Boxes Do Not Include Hygiene Bundles – toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, rinse and disclosing tablets. These items will be ordered from P & G website. They will be billed and delivered separately from Proctor & Gamble. Average cost per bundle $0.94

Internal Gift Box Disbursement

We also recommend you replace your less than appealing hygiene gift bags with your branded gift boxes. Consequently setting you apart from other practices while impressing new and existing patients alike.

While prong 2 of this strategy will deliver measurable results. Combined with care to share Plastic Dental Gift Cards (Prong 1) and Patient Reactivation Cards (Prong 3) this strategy is guaranteed to increase new patient acquisition and  existing patient retention. Hence, increasing your dental practice’s net collections.

Practice Vitals Panel

Dental Gift Box Design
Practice Vitals Panel

Dental gift boxes will include your Practice Name, Tag Line, Logo, Phone Number, Website, Email & Address. We will also include an image of an ethnic group or mixed ethnicity. The “A Gift For You!” panel is remarkable because it immediately makes new prospects receptive to this offering.

Mission Statement Panel

Dental Gift Box Mission Statemenrt Panel
Mission Statement Panel

While the mission statement panel gives you the chance to drive home your message. Almost all clients use the first paragraph of their website. It should also include a warm greeting, your practice POD (point of difference). In addition, state your specialties ie: Orthodontics, Periodontics, Dental Implants, Invisalign© ect.

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Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 20 x 7 in

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