500pc Dental Reactivation Postcards

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Custom Designed Reactivation Cards Include Your Name, Logo, Tag Line & Color Scheme!


Custom Designed Dental Reactivation Postcards

Custom designed dental reactivation postcards are a low cost dental marketing strategy keeping your hygiene department booked solid! A highly profitable dental practice relies on reactivating patients. Almost every highly profitable practices converts every dollar in hygiene into two dollars in production.

Non-committal Treatment Specific Cards

Have patients who haven’t committed to high dollar treatments? A great way to entice them to enrollment is to send treatment specific postcards with an incredible offer! We suggest these cards for Implants, Crowns, Veneers, denture stabilization & Orthodontic Treatments. If you have 2 to 3 respondents per month you will see a huge increase in yearly net collections! Programs like Dentrix, Soft Dent & Care Stream make creating a mailing list a snap. Just enter the procedure code and unaccepted treatment plan to find the patient who are just waiting for a promotion to commit!

The Problem

People are constantly changing email addresses and cell phone numbers rendering the information you have on hand to reactivate a patient useless. Another fact unbeknownst to most dentists is that most appointment reminders and missed appointment emails wind up in promotional and/or spam folders.

The Solution

Your custom designed reactivation cards solves this by providing a physically tangible asset to patients you need to reactivate while driving home the importance of continuing comprehensive dental care. Your reactivation cards are unique as they are branded to your practice including your practice name, logo, tag line, color scheme and are folded to keep patients information confidential.

Maintain Active Inactive Patient Status

Dental reactivation postcards also include a detachable postcard that can be returned to determine a patients active or inactive status. When cards are returned by the post office as undeliverables your team will know to change that patient’s status to inactive. Thus, saving your team time and your practice money as no further resources are expended attempting to reactivate these patients.

Reactivation Card Disbursement

We do suggest calling, emailing and texting patients who have missed hygiene and comprehensive appointments. When these prove ineffective a reactivation card is sent to the patient within 30 days after missed appointments. In addition, see measurable results with bi-annual re-activation cards mailings to all inactive patients for the last 14 months.

Cost Benefit Analysis

On dental reactivation postcards program dictates that reactivating one implant patient will pay for this program for a whole year. That means every other patient reactivated contributes to increased net collections without any further cost to you practice!

Prong 3 of this strategy combined with care to share Plastic Dental Gift Cards (Prong 1) and Dental Gift Boxes (Prong 2)  is guaranteed to increase new patient acquisition and  existing patient retention. Hence, increasing your dental practice’s net collections.

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